Live Army Green Program


The Office of the Secretary of Defense enacted a policy promoting energy conservation and utility billing for privatized housing in all military services. Pursuant to that policy, the Department of Army has an interest and responsibility in conserving natural resources. The Live Army Green Program was designed to encourage residents to conserve and become more responsible for their energy usage and consumption. The Department of Army is also taking steps to conserve energy in their daily operations.

The Live Army Green Program’s goal is to reduce energy usage which is both better for the environment and you. Dollars saved through conservation efforts equates to more money that may be used to improve existing homes and community facilities. Conservation not only benefits us locally but also decreases our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Minol USA is a third-party utility billing company that is contracted to manage your community’s billing program. We submeter more than 75% of our nation’s military bases and provide services for 73,000 military homes. Minol USA does not determine your community’s utility rates. Our team measures consumption and bills accordingly based on the guidelines provided by the OSD.

Minol USA thanks you for your cooperation and participation in this important program. We encourage you to use one of the links below for additional information.

Live Army Green Program Resources


The program begins with a “mock billing” period, which will occur for a length of time determined by the property. During this mock period, you will receive a bill which we encourage you to review and contact us with any questions. The purpose of the mock billing period is to give you the opportunity to learn how the program works prior to actual billing, as well as see how much energy you are consuming and implement conservation efforts to help reduce your consumption.

Your mock bill will show a monthly baseline which is calculated by averaging the consumption of occupied “like homes” on the installation. This is a rolling average which is recalculated monthly. The bill will also show whether you’d fall within the baseline, be eligible for a rebate or owe some amount if live billing were already in place.

When actual billing begins, you will be responsible for utility charges and will earn a rebate, owe nothing if your usage falls within the baseline or have a payment due.