Minol Worldwide

The Minol-Zenner Group is one of the leading service providers and equipment manufacturers for consumption-based energy cost billing in the world. Our group combines two long-standing companies: Minol Messtechnik GmbH [&] Co. KG, in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, with a focus on energy management; and ZENNER International GmbH [&] Co. KG, in Saarbruecken, with a focus on energy engineering.

Both companies have formed a quality, family-run, worldwide organization with more than 2,000 employees. Unlike other metering companies, the Minol-ZENNER group brings together two areas of expertise: hardware and service.

Minol Messtechnik W.Lehmann GmbH [&] Co. KG is a leading international accounting company with 20 branches worldwide[nbsp]and more than 900 service centers across Germany. In Germany alone, more than 9 million measuring points in 1.4 million households are read and serviced annually. Utilizing the consumption date, the company then prepares the energy billing in accordance with the heat cost allocation regulations.

The meters and measuring equipment required for the billing are manufactured in the Minol-ZENNER Group’s factories. With subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries and customers in more than 90 countries, the group maintains a strong international presence. The acquisition of the Denmark-based Brunata International in July 2018 further expanded the company’s already extensive global reach.