Affordable Housing

Energy costs are on the rise across the nation. The American Water Works Association estimates that the average indoor water use per person is 94 gallons per day.

Adopting conservation-friendly practices is often more challenging for the affordable housing industry due to regulatory and budgetary issues. Older buildings with aging infrastructures are another issue many affordable housing property owners and managers face on a daily basis.

While submetering and billing residents for their individual usage may provide recovery options for some properties, regulatory restrictions may prohibit these billing practices.

Minol USA powered by Brunata offers several energy and cost saving solutions to lower property utility bills:

  • Implementing a Pay-Out-Of-Savings water conservation program not only eliminates upfront investment costs but also generates revenue you can use for capital improvements.
  • Installing new, low flow toilets like the Niagara Stealth greatly reduces usage and saves up to 77% more water than less efficient toilets.
  • An effective LED Lighting Program lowers energy usage 60-90%