Water Conservation Program

It sounds too good to be true but our Water Conservation team rebuilds your property’s components at our expense.

Using our unique Pay-Out-of-Savings model, we recover our costs through your savings. Anyone can install water conservation products but the real savings comes when you partner with a team of conservation experts.

Someone is paying for water – Is it You?
  •  • Are you allocating?
  •  • Are you including utilities in rent?
  • • Are you paying the utilities in their entirety?
  • • Is your property submetered?

Pay Out Of
Savings Program

Niagara Stealth

Minol USA powered by Brunata offers two cost-saving options to reduce water consumption throughout your community

Did you know….

More than 45% of water use in the average American home occurs in the bathroom.

27% of water usage is used
by toilets.

Older toilets can use up to
7 gallons per flush.