Recycling and Waste Billing Program

Efficient Billing and Daily Work Order Management


Minol takes recycling and waste program billing to the next level with a full service offering that includes daily task management. Our team is ready to help your field team manage routine work orders, trash and recycling pick-ups, bulky item service, container changes, and carry out any special services like accessibility stops. We keep your entire program efficient by utilizing the latest in technology backed by a team of experts.

Just a Few of the Most Frequently Asked Questions and Requests We Manage For Our Municipal Clients – So You Don’t Have To.

  • How do you bill me for trash?
  • I need a bulky item pickup.
  • You missed my trash/recycling/green bin.
  • I need a new trash/recycling/green bin.
  • Can you take [item]? If so, what bin do I put it in?
  • I want a bigger/smaller bin.
  • My trash charges are incorrect.
  • Someone left a couch out in the alley. Can someone please come get it?
  • I need assistance taking out my trash.